The Aeolian Islands, also called Lipari Islands are a volcanic archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the north coast of Sicily, a place of wild and rare beauty. The islands take their name from the god Aeolus, king of the winds, which according to Greek mythology there established his residence, giving them the name, thanks to his reputation as a tamer of the winds.
The first in a long line of illustrious travelers, was Ulysses , as recounted in Homer's Odyssey, came to the Aeolian after having survived the Cyclops Polyphemus and here was hosted by Aeolus and honored dell'otre containing headwinds to navigation that would take him home.
so the archipelago is still cited by Virgil in the Aeneid with the famous description of the island of Vulcano, the forge where the eponymous mythological god forged metals.
the Aeolian archipelago consists of seven islands: Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Alicudi, Filicudi, Panarea and Stromboli. They include two active volcanoes, Stromboli and Vulcano, in addition to various phenomena of secondary volcanism. The millennial history of the archipelago is well documented from the Aeolian Museum, headquartered in Lipari and sub-offices in Filicudi and Panarea. Tourist destination increasingly popular, the islands attract up to 200,000 visitors annually. The Aeolian Islands have been named Heritage of 'Humanity' UNESCO. .

Transportation and tours available in the summer:

Departure at 8:15
Transfer to Lipari to the mythological area (Horse Cave, Pool Venus, Faraglioni). Arrival and unloading at the port of Marina Corta. Of 2h30m useful stop for visiting the Archaeological Park and the Historical Center. Guided tour of the castle which is the core of the historical center of Lipari: it was built in the sixteenth century by the Spaniards and inside the citadel, there are various remains of the ancient ages buildings. The castle houses the Aeolian Museum, one of the most important archaeological museums in Europe. Departure from Lipari to Vulcano. Stop at Porto (about 3 hours) useful for the visit to the sulphurous mud, thermal waters, possibility of lunch (seafood) and bathroom to the black beaches. Return at 18:45 or so.

Departure at 8:15
Transfer to Panarea with sea views to Calajunco Bay and the small beach of Zimmari. Stop at the Port of San Pietro of about 2h 30m to allow visits to town, swimming and possible lunch at a local restaurant (optional). Departure from Panarea for the circumnavigation of the mini archipelago facing the island and transfer rates for Stromboli. A stop at sea facing the picturesque village of Joust, circumnavigation of the island, with particular attention to the Sciara del Fuoco. Stop at the port of Stromboli to allow dell 'island visit. Return at 18:45 or so.

Departure at 8:15
tour via sea Lipari with a stop at Beaches Pumice White, the Cave of Angels, Faraglioni, Pope John Scoglio etc .. Arrival at the port of Lingua, stop and visit the village. Departure for the circumnavigation of the island, with particular attention to Pollara bay, where he was shot on Troisi's film "Il Postino." Return at 18:45 or so.

Departure at 8:15
Transfer for Filicudi Pecorini, stop at the port of Pecorini of about 1 hour or, alternatively, swimming from the boat (meteorological conditions permitting, and at the sole discretion of the master of the ship). Transfer to Alicudi port with a stop for lunch (optional). Departure for Filicudi in the early afternoon, visit from the sea to the rock of the Canna, Grotta del Bue Marino and Giafante Scoglio. Circumnavigation of the island of Filicudi and stop at the port of Filicudi to allow the visit of the village and the small prehistoric village of Punta Pecorini. Return at 18:45 or so.


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